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A Halloween Crypto Kidnapping Still Remains Unsolved

On the evening on October 31st 2018, many people roam the streets dressed up in costume either hopping from party to party or children knocking on door after door. Often times you remember the amazing costumes you see, outrageous events, and suspicious people you by.

That’s exactly what the Norwegian PD is hoping for.

“October 31 was Halloween, and many may remember the day because of this,” states Mr. Tommy Brøske.

As reported by the UK Telegraph, Mr. Brøske is currently the lead investigator into a kidnapping that occured on October 31st 2018 just outside of Oslo Norway. Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen was kidnapped at some point during the day before her husband, Tom Hagen, returned home in the evening. 68 year old Mr. Hagen is a wealthy billionaire with a current net worth of over 1.7 billion Norwegian kronor (£156m). Hagen has earned his fortune through the founding of a Norwegian power supply company called Elkraft ranking him within the top 200 wealthiest Norwegians.

The kidnappers were certainly aware of this fact when they chose their target. The kidnappers reportedly left a ransom note in Mr. Hagen’s home demanding £9 million in cryptocurrency (Monero specifically) to be delivered in exchange for his wifes safe return. The note is reportedly written in bad Norwegian potentially indicating a non-native(s) is conducting the scheme.

“There have been both ransom demands and serious threats,” Brøskestates at a press conference in Oslo on Wednesday morning. “Police have so far advised the family not to meet the requirements.”

A picture of Mrs. Hagen shortly before October 31st 2018

Why Haven’t we Heard About This?

When the event came to light on the 31st, it was requested by the Hagen family and the PD to not publish any press regarding the event in attempts to minimize unwanted attention. The recent change of heart comes around in attempts to gain media attention in hopes that anyone with any insight regarding the events that took place in Oslo on the 31st will step forward.

Brøske stated earlier today at the press conference that the kidnappers have contacted them over a ‘digital platform’ but have yet to send them any proof the Mrs. Hagen is still alive.

Svein Holden is Mr. Hagens attorney issued the following statement.

“The family wants to get in touch with those who have Anne-Elizabeth today. They want to get a confirmation that she is OK, and that she is alive,” he said during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. “If she is, the family is prepared to initiate a process to get her home safely.”

Why Norway?

Cryptocurrency ransom kidnappings have been dramatically increasing in recent months, with the vast majority of them demanding for Monero due to its obfuscated public ledger. But why would you kidnap someone in Norway?

If you’ve never been to Norway, then you wouldn’t know the answer. Norway is a minimal security country; a country that thrives on goodwill and trust. Security cameras are nearly non existent across the whole country.

A private investigator on the case by the name of John Christian Grøttum, states the following in an interview with the Telegraph.

“In Norway we are an open society, people can walk anywhere they like, and maybe the Norwegians are a little bit naive as well,” he said. “There were no surveillance cameras, there was no protection whatsoever, so I think this was a very easy for the kidnappers.”


We will keep this post updated as more information arises.

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