Welcome to the first ever CryptoChats airdrop!

All of us here at CryptoChats are very excited to bring you this opportunity and welcome our new users to the community. We’re giving away a total of 10,000,000 XCT’s during our winter 2019 airdrop giveaway. The prize amounts are as follows.


1st = 5,000,000                 2nd = 2,500,000                 3rd = 1,250,000
1,000 others get 1,250 each

The 3 grand prizes will be drawn at random from all eligible contestants who enter the airdrop. To be eligible to receive your portion of the airdrop you must complete the following steps and submit the form below.

AirDrop Requirements:

  1. Join CryptoChats (100 XCT given just for joining)
  2. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, & Facebook.
  3. Refer at least 1 friend to the site. Using your personal referral link found in your profile under your ‘earn’ tab.

You will receive one EXTRA ‘raffle ticket’ in the grand prize drawing for every friend you refer along with the obligatory 50 XCT’s you get every time your refer a friend. The grand prize drawing is scheduled to take place in March of 2019 when our official ICO enters the public sale phase (pre-sale begins 1/1/19). Any XCT’s earned for joining and referring friends will be delivered immediately upon completion of the tasks.

Please fill out the form below and agree to the terms to enter the airdrop.

Good Luck & Happy Chatting!

Your Information

Please provide all of the information requested below so we verify your identity & participation. You may NOT enter this Airdrop more than once by using different wallet addresses. If you are found doing so, you will be permanently suspended from CryptoChats and all further offers.