Blockchain 101




If you read the news, or if you watched the 2018 US super-bowl (link HERE), you’ve probably heard about blockchain. The US Superbowl commercial came as quite a surprise to myself as well as the majority of my family. Blockchain is a technology that’s becoming more and more of a mainstream topic. But what is it?

A current statistic estimates that roughly 60% of people living in developed countries have heard of blockchain, but only 20% know what it is. Globally it’s estimated that less than 2% of people understand blockchain technology and it’s functionality.

I hope you’re ready to become apart of the educated 2%! As per usual, I’m going to take you through the W’s of blockchain. Afterwards, I guarantee you’ll have learned something!


(If you’re just looking for some basic info and don’t want to read the entire blockchain 101 guide [I would read it if I was you] go ahead and skip to the final overview on the last page.)