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Blockchain-based Medical AI Could Save Millions of Lives

Skychain Global has big plans to use blockchain technology to save 10 million medical patients within the next ten years and change the world of medical diagnosing forever.

Skychain’s ICO launched February 26th, and according to their whitepaper, they believe that can dominate 70% of a 200 billion dollar medical artificial intelligence industry. Their first test in diagnosing three medical conditions was already an unmitigated success against some of the top doctors in Russia. When detecting melanoma, heart disease, and breast cancer, Skychain’s

medical neural networks (as they are being called) completed a diagnosis in .01 seconds on average, with an error rate of 4-14%. The doctors, on the other hand, took 20-30 seconds to diagnose and their error rate was 18-32%! Watch the video here.

This technology could be a huge leap forward for the medical community, offering doctors are a rapid second opinion on cases and helping to connect patient history and other test results almost instantly. The applications and effects would be enormous – the medical field would never be the same, and that’s good news for the millions of people who are misdiagnosed each year.

Skychain’s approach is unique by bringing together and compensating “partners” for medical neural networks: 1. Providers to train the healthcare big data neural networks, 2. Neural network developers, 3. Doctors and patients who want the accuracy of diagnoses by through artificial intelligence, and 4. Miners who wish to make a profit for useful computational work.

Unlike other companies trying to break into medical AI and medical neural networks, this method is financially sustainable, with the ability to grow into a massive industry. Skychain might just be onto one of the most significant developments in the medical industry.

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