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Blockchain Developer Hiring Extravaganza. The Fastest Growing Job in America

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According to LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report released on Thursday December 13th, Blockchain Developer is the fastest growing job in the US.

LinkedIn’s economic graph analyses what jobs companies are highest in demand with the most vacancies, and what skills are required to fulfill the open position as listed over the past five years.

The report found that the demand for blockchain developers has increased 33 times over the past 12 months. The cities with the highest demand for blockchain developers in 2018 are San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta. The most consistently listed major skills required for the job include the tags of Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and Node.js. The companies with the largest hiring demand are IBM, ConsenSys, and Chainyard.

Listed after Blockchain developer in the report is Machine Learning Engineer, followed by Application Sales Executive, Machine Learning Specialists, and Professional Medical Representative.

Currently LinkedIn’s search system displays roughly 14,000 records relating to blockchain and 2,500 records relating to cryptocurrency. Many of the job vacancies listed are for startup blockchain companies, but those openings are surrounded by vacancies for major tech companies including Google and IBM.


Though the biggest trader when it comes to hiring blockchain developers is Facebook. Facebook has a ‘ban’ surrounding any ads relating to cryptocurrency. The ban was supposedly lifted in October but all ads relating to cryptocurrency continue to get rejected. So how perfect of them to now have open positions for blockchain developers and cryptocurrency experts.

It’s rumored and anticipated that Facebook will be launching their own blockchain in the future with the possibility of launching their own cryptocurrency for the platform. Many platforms such as Reddit and Twitch already have a native currency that can be used to tip other users on the platform. While Facebook may utilize this aspect of a native cryptocurrency, they have much larger potential.

When you download a new app, whether it be a game or a different social media platform, you are more often than not offered the ability to login with Facebook. Any applications that you connect Facebook to, you could utilize Facebook’s currency to make in game or in app purchases.

Facebook as thus far denied the possibility of any future contenders from gaining ground on their own platform, for their own benefit of course.

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