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Blockchain technology has the potential to change the way our world interacts.

For over 10 years blockchain technology has been altering the technological and financial space and is becoming a fundamental part of many industries. Blockchain technology has the ability to help us develop a borderless world, a world without third parties. It changes the way we transact, interact, and even how we protect our identities.

While Blockchain holds promise and is an exciting technology, a lot of confusion and hype still surrounds it. The media’s interpretation of the technology only further contributes to its common misunderstanding of being strictly applicable to the financial sector. But if you eliminate the industry jargon that constantly plagues blockchain, you’ll find that you can easily understand and utilize this technology in many ways.

BloxSpace magazine was founded on the idea of doing away with the with the noise that surrounds this technology, and in turn increase understanding of blockchain and its applications. By doing so, we can lead ourselves into a better world.

Each issue of Bloxspace magazine aspires to provide our readers with in depth analysis of emerging technologies, market insights, and relevant opinions from industry leaders. All of our articles are comprehensible and reliable, so you always get the information that really matters.

Let’s build the future together, one block at a time.

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