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CryptoKaiju: The first trackable toys on the Blockchain

Today CryptoKaiju launches its first individual product creating the world’s first fully traceable vinyl toys on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKaiju claims to be putting the”fun in non-fungible” tokens (NFT’s) with Genesis, their ‘first CryptoKaiju which is limited to only 130 pieces, each of which are completely unique’.

CryptoKaiju’s are modeled after the original kaiju monsters with a cryptocurrency twist. Currently pictures of cryptokaiju’s sporting Bitcoin and Ethereum logos can be found on their website with more photos expected to surface after people recieve their genesis CryptoKaiju’s.

You can currently purchase a single CryptoKaiju for the price of $55, a 6 month subscription box for $320 or a 12 month ‘Mega Monster’ subscription for $600. New orders are scheduled to ship in late December. It’s important to note that there are a limited number of subscriptions available due to the need to preserve authenticity and rarity to add value to each Crypto Kaiju.

The founders of CryptoKaiju are hoping to capture most of their audience from people who already enjoy traditional Kaiju comics and films.

What’s so amazing about CryptoKaiju?

It’s the tracable technology behind CryptoKaiju that is grabbing industry experts attentions. Oliver Carding, founder of CryptoKaiju states the following.

“As a longtime collector of designer toys such as Kaws, Futura Pointmen and Medicom Bearbricks, I’ve previously had issues with not having full confidence that what I was buying was genuine, as well as issues with knowing exactly how many items have been produced in each batch,”

The ability to identify the authenticity of any type of collectable has been a tricky task for generations. Take art for example. Some people make their living authenticating whether a piece of art is an original or a replica. These people who do this spend years learning how to tell the difference. The same is true for collectible toy authentication. But with blockchain technology, the difficulty of identifying a collectables nature will soon be over.

Each CryptoKaiju is equipped with a tamper proof NFC tag attached to its foot. This enables the toys owners to use their smartphone or any other smart device to communicate with the chip. CryptoKaiju utilizes the same token standard, ERC721 (sometimes called non-fungible token, or in simpler terms, a crypto-collectible), as CryptoKitties. By utilizing Ethereums Smart Contract technology and the NFC tag, owners and users with be able to track and identify their unique CryptoKaiju.

Each CryptoKaiju has unique metadeta surrounding it that can be found within its smart contract. Each CryptoKaiju has a birthdate, gender, color, description and two personality traits. Some traits will be more rare than others which will in turn add the the value, scarcity and fun of the CryptoKaiju’s.

“The idea of having a toy where you can prove scarcity, one with unique digital traits is really appealing to them, he added. Ethereum and NFT fans love the idea of having a physical NFT as well as a cool collectible for their desk.”

CryptoKaiju also aims to develop a decentralized trading platform for their collectables to be traded on in the future.

It’s easy to say that CryptoKaiju wont remain a unique blockchain collectable for long. Many game developers are looking to develop their own on chain tangible collectables. Cryptokittes was the first of its kind, read more about them here.

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