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Destination: Blockchain Island. Malta Blockchain Summit is Underway


One of the most sought after and ‘en vogue’ events in the blockchain world, is the Malta Blockchain Summit which kicks off later today. Over 5,000 participants are expected to be at the  St Julian’s Intercontinental Hotel in Malta during the 1st and 2nd of November. Included in those 5,000 people are speakers, judges, investors, CEO’s and blockchain enthusiasts, each one of then sure that they are best at what they do.

So what’s on the schedule for the summit? Everything every blockchain diehard dreams of. During the summit there will be a Hackathon. With 16 blockchain teams already signed up for the event, each and every one of them is surely slobbering over the €50 thousand loot awaiting the winning team. The hackathon is being mentored by some of the industries biggest celebrities including ‘John McAfee, Noam Eppel, Jimmy Zhong, and Mikhail Savchenko, amongst others’ according to a Forbes Interview. The event is also sponsored by some large blockchain  names including eToro and IOST.

But that’s not the only prize money the Summit has plans to hand out. 37 different ICO’s will find themselves under the intense scrutiny of 1,000 investors in a pitch room before coming face to face with 18 judges each of which are seasoned ICO investors. What’s at stake? A €100 thousand prize pool sponsored by d10e.

Multiple AI superstar personalities are scheduled to be at the Summit including Hanson Robotics – Sophia who is scheduled to speak at one of the conferences alongside her creator..

The summit also includes four conferences, a expo floor, a Blockchain Awards ceremony and Crypto Cruise. All of this of course taking place on blockchain island.


But why is Malta referred to as blockchain island?

In Forbes’s interview with the summit’s chief organizer, Eman Pulis, stated the following.

“’Malta has put in the hard work to earn its title as the Blockchain Island. Government backing has created a haven for Crypto companies to flourish here in Malta. The legislative action which passed through parliament this summer has instigated a sense of security and stability, qualities which have lured some of the biggest companies in the industry to Malta. Top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and OKEx have already relocated, with others sure to follow – bringing an abundance of investment and employment opportunities with them and potentially transforming the island’s infrastructure. The relocation of foreign companies is also a boon to other industries in Malta, such as the hospitality sector, particularly when it comes to avenues focusing on entertainment, leisure and real estate”

The Maltese government is accepting the blockchain industry with open arms and doing its best to create a thriving blockchain ecosystem. The Maltese parliament passed three regulatory bills this summer all with the goal of promoting innovation and creating an attractive environment for blockchain companies to thrive in.

What does Pulis believe the next major step for Malta is? Attracting and incorporating the gaming industry. People are eager for the creation of decentralized gaming to flourish. Gamers often find themselves surrounded by fraud, expensive fees and mistrust surrounding platforms. The gaming world needs technology that’s transparent, cheap, and free from fraudulent activities.

The next most major technology Malta seems to be clawing after is esports. Esports companies are currently being incentivized to relocate to Malta with promises of a great economy and awesome weather.

It’s clear that Malta is an emerging superpower when it comes to blockchain technology and all of its corresponding developments. From crypto to video games, and esports to AI, you’ll be able to find it all in Malta.

Check back in a few days to read about the highlights from the Malta blockchain summit.

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