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Drugged, Kidnapped, and Tortured, all for some Bitcoins

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An article released by the local South African news outlet, Soweto Urban, describes the terror that one man simply known as ‘Andrew’ endured on November 16th. Andrew is known to be a Bitcoin trader from Lanseria that was invited to speak at a small presentation about cryptocurrency on Facebook.

It’s reported that Andrew arrived at a undisclosed private residence located at Natui Street in Meadowlands Zone Five, around 1 pm on November 16th. The presentation was to be given to six people. According to Andrew, one of the six people there snuck up behind him and held a cloth over his mouth that is presumed to have been soaked in a sleeping drug that caused Andrew to become unconscious.

When Andrew awakened from the drug later he found himself to be in a different location and surrounded by two women and 3 men. These 5 people proceeded to strip Andrew of his clothes, beat him and tortured him. The people threatened to burn Andrew’s skin with an iron and even to kill him if he didn’t provide his First National Bank (FNB) account details and the password to his cryptocurrency wallet.

In the beginning Andrew reports feeling strong and that he wasn’t going to give up his information. After the torturing began, Andrew soon changed his mind and began doling out the desired information to his capturers. Andrew ultimately surrendered and transferred R 800,000 ($59,000) worth of Bitcoin to the kidnapper’s wallet address as well as an additional R 100,000 ($7,200) to his assailant’s bank account.

Andrew was stripped of his belongings with roughly contained $200 cash, two iPhones and two laptops. When the kidnappers were satisfied with what they had gotten out of him, they blindfolded him and dropped him off on Kliprivier Road. Andrew remains in the intensive care unit at Alberton Union Hospital where he is being treated for burns and wounds.

The incident is currently under investigation by local authorities.

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