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    Please follow these guidelines


    Hey fam, please take a moment to read through these rules.

    1. bullies / trolls will be banned
    a. hate-speech
    b. pestering / harassing
    c. general meanness

    2. Scams and spams will get you banned
    a. bots
    b. link boosting (placing links for ads)
    c. feeding false information to benefit your self.
    d. buying or selling BTC/altcoin

    3. Do not personally try to sell or acquire any assests while on the platform
    a. If you are caught selling anything you will be banned
    b. If you ask to buy BTC or anything else you will be banned (labeled as a scammer)

    4. Do not re-post posts from any other site without proper acknowledgement of ownership.
    a. articles that you did not write should have a “By: the writer” somewhere on the page.


    I agree to follow the forum rules ๐Ÿ™‚

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