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    Hey fam!
    Cryptochatben yet again coming in to tell you a little bit about trading crypto!
    Trading crypto is often thought as trading stock, which in some respects it is similar but the fundamental meaning of the tokens that are being traded quite different. If I want to buy stock in IBM or something like that I am purchasing a small portion of the company its self, with crypto you are exchanging your digital money with digital money. When you hold a bunch of crypto it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have any say in the company it represents (there is exception).
    So when thinking about trading crypto remember its not stocks you are trading, literally trading money. With that out of the way I would like you to know where I buy and trade crypto most often.
    1. never buy crypto over the internet from someone you don’t know (you will get banned here for doing so)
    2. I use “” to buy and convert my crypto to fiat
    3. I trade on ( my ref link)

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