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    Introduce your self to the community! Write a quick post telling us a little bit about you!


    Hey fam!
    I’ll start this off right I suppose! I am Cryptochatben a real person and admin here at
    My profession here is executive assistant, I work hand and hand with the top level members of cryptochats.
    I am a blockchain enthusiast, crypto-trader, light programmer(JS<3) and a junky for good tech.
    Some other things I do are I play guitar and own and operate an online airsoft store (

    Lastly if there is one thing I would like to see come from blockchain, it would be the redistribution of wealth and the creation of a stable living space for all humans. I believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency based companies are a fundamental part of the human transition of a world that works and lives as one. It is us to you to make this world what you want it to be, trust in your self and you will make all things happen.

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