Cryptochats - How to Earn

How to Earn


Ready to EARN some XCT?!

On CryptoChats we want you to constantly be learning, earning and thriving. But it’s not secret that the crowd favorite is earning! But how do you earn on CryptoChats?

There’s almost an endless amount of ways for you to earn XCT (the CryptoChats token) on our platform, and we’ve done that on purpose. We WANT you to earn as much XCT as you can!

XCT is our platforms medium of exchange, and its what fuels our community. You earn XCT when you do something that betters our community. Below are some of the ways you can do that.


1. Refer Friends

One of the best and easiest ways you can earn XCT, is by referring your friends! Everytime you refer a friend to CryptoChats, you get 10 XCT! All you have to do is give your friends your personal referral link, and make sure they use it to sign up!

Here are the steps to finding your personal referral link.


  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the Earn tab
  • Scroll down till you see a dark grey toolbar under your badges
  • Hover over the marketing tab and click on the Affiliate Links subtab
  • Scroll down again and you will find your own personal referral link and QR code.
  • Give that to your friends and watch the XCT’s roll in!


2. Badges

Earning badges is one of the most fun ways to earn XCT’s! You can view the badges you’ve earned, and haven’t earned, under your ‘Earn’ tab in your profile.

There’s badges for just about everything too! You get a badge for signing up, completing your profile, making and post, commenting on posts and many other things! More badges are being added all the time.

Everytime you earn a new badge, you earn points! Different amounts of points are awarded for different badges earned. But it’s a general rule of thumb that the more points that are awarded, the harder it is to earn the badge.


3. Articles

CryptoChats, has a collection of on staff reporters, but it’s crypto enthusiasts like you that gives us an arsenal of crypto journalists.

If you have something you wanna say to our crypto community, don’t be shy! Write an article and submit it to us. We’ll pay you in XCT!

The guidelines for writing an article are simple. The basis of the article has to relate to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technologies in some way. The article can be your personal opinion, fact-based, or a combination of both! We love when you do our work for us!!!

To submit your article, go here.


4. Create content

This is the way to earn XCT if your a creative crypto or blockchain enthusiast. When you create video, audio, or any type of media content and post it on CryptoChats, you have the potentiality of earning XCT.

XCT was designed to fuel creativity on our platform. That’s why when you post media content on your wall, you’ll notice a donation button in your contents window. Viewers of your content can donate XCT’s directly to your wallet if they choose to do so

The key here, is to produce valuable content that people want to support. If users believe in your content and want to see more of it, they’ll donate XCT’s to you!


5. Bugs

Since CryptoChats is still in Beta, bugs are sure to be found somewhere in the dark cervices of our site. But we don’t want them to stay there!

That’s why we need exterminators like you to help us find and get rid of the bugs. And CryptoChats exterminators, get paid pretty well too. When you find and report a bug to the CryptoChats team using the form here, we’ll reward you with 25 XCT’s!



Here at CryptoChats, we want to make sure everyone in our community is getting the best experience they can. That’s why we’re constantly trying to find new ways to improve the platform. If you have an idea on a way people can earn, learn, or thrive, please let us know by using our contact form!


Happy Chatting!