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Is Crypto Losing its Hype? Coin Prices Continue to Tumble into the Weekend.


This morning it seems as though a case of lethargy is sweeping the crypto community. This week was full of big and exciting announcements for the crypto world including Fidelity launching a new cryptocurrency company and Bakkt claiming that their going to change the cryptocurrency world.

Yet this morning all of the top ten altcoins and Bitcoins prices are tumbliling, except for Tether who is still trying to resume their $1 USD stable coin status. Bitcoin is down to $6454 and Ethereum is down to the measly price of $203. The total market cap has sunk below $210 billion.

The top twenty list has the same disappointing amount of red in its numbers, all with a decline between 1% and 3%.

Today’s biggest pump so far has been Polymath which has gone up 20% when it announced it’s partnership with Netcoins. The most disappointing dump so far has been with PIVX which experienced a serious pump yesterday, only to drop by 4% this morning.

Some say that these price are only going to continue to tumble. What’s happening to the crypto market? Some reports are saying that the FOMO is gone, the Russian Central Bank says that the ‘cryptocurrency fever’ is dying.

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