Our Team


    CryptoChats is brought to you by a team of dedicated individuals who all share a like-minded ideal about the digital finance future. Joseph Sanchez, our CEO, founded this company with the vision to change the financial world. Now, he has hand-picked a team of qualified professionals to make that vision a reality.

We invite you to meet some of our staff so you can get to know us a little better.


Joseph Sanchez

Chief Executive Officer

A man who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur is more of a serial almsgiver. With founding over six companies in his past, he had educated thousands of people on a multitude of topics and ideals. He has an eye for opportunity but a heart that was crafted for a life of altruism. His experiences range from starting spiritflowtv.com (an organization that aims to bring the church to people outside of the traditional four walls) in 2007, to founding Growbox farms in Portland Oregon. Now he leads us into the modern world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. With aspirations of educating any and all people on cryptocurrencies and the opportunities lurking within blockchain tech, our founder is someone whose mind is constantly fixated on the greater good.

OS: Android, Windows 10

Abaci Used: On the daily, I use the custom PC my son built. It’s powerful and designed for me, so it’s perfect to me. At the moment I have a Samsung Note 9; I love how big the screen is. It makes it easy and intuitive to use for business on the go.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: African Lion. Lions are not only majestic and powerful creatures, but they are leaders by nature as well. I find that I can identify with lions because I too am a leader, I’ve always been a leader, it’s something I was born with.

Rowan Bender


Overseer of any and all textual content released from CryptoChats (including this piece). With a writing history sprouting its roots at the tenderfoot age of 10 years old, Rowan has been writing since nearly the dawn of her history. With a background in Creative writing as well as legal documentation, Rowan now seeks to conquer a new frontier. With an avid passion for bettering the community and the world as a whole, she has found CryptoChats as her new home.

OS: Android, Windows 7, Earl Grey Tea

Abaci Used: I prefer a lightweight laptop, as a true writer is always on the move. I can often be found ferrying my Lenovo yoga laptop in a leather Fossil satchel. My Samsung S7 contains over 3,000 photos consisting mainly of dogs and flowers as I’m a rookie photographer in my spare time.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: Killer whale. They’re the queen predator of the sea, majestic as can be, and I love how they get to play with their food and no one tells them no.


Jasmine Vander Meide

Chief Media Officer (CMO)

Pioneering the company into the treacherous territory of the marketing world is Chief Marketing Officer Jasmine Vander Meide (aka Jas). With an eye for adventure and a passionate believer in the Cryptochats vision, she captains any and all marketing expenditures. With years’ experience working with marketing contracts prior to Cryptochats, her expertise in marketing has never been questioned. She dreams of building a worldwide community that’s educated on cryptocurrencies with the solid foundations of transparent attitude, and commitment to a better world.

OS: iOS, Mac OS Sierra, and a tattered Sudoku book

Abaci Used: iPhone 7 is what I use because I really like how well iPhones communicate with Macs, plus group chats are way better on an iPhone vs. an Android. At home, I have a MacBook Air and it’s super user-friendly which I love about it, but it’s also what I hate about it.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: River Otter. After a memorable yet wavy day of S.C.U.B.A diving, two little river otters came out and played on the dock in front of my friend and I. I like to think I’m kinda like a river otter; I’m playful and I love to swim, but I’m not a fish.

Joseph Lyte

Chief Media Director

With an avid passion for media development, a pinch of obsession with photography and nearly 10 years experience in this field, is our prodigious producer Joseph Lyte. Having composed a multitude of original works amongst other experts as well as some solo compositions, he has produced over 80 videos since starting his professional career. Being nothing short of optimistic and determined, Joseph seems to always be counting down; 3, 2, 1, action!

OS: Android, Asus (custom)

Abaci Used: I have a ‘White Widow’ custom built Asus Z370 with 32 gbs of RAM, water cooled Intel i7 processor overclocked to 4.9 GHz and a GTX 1070ti I personally built.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: Wolf. Wolves have a unique demeanor about them, where each wolf is capable of surviving on its own, but together they thrive in a pack.

Brianna Sanchez

Operations Manager

With a strong adoration for organization and an unbridled thirst for knowledge and blockchain technology is Brianna. Being an office management veteran, she’s a girl that always takes the time to step back and see the bigger picture. Brianna has spent a large portion of her life volunteering at a nonprofit organization, which has not only gained her life experience but an abundance of office expertise. Brianna can almost always be found laughing and brightening up the office space, a vital necessity in our everyday operations.

OS: iOS, Windows

Abaci Used: Although I certainly wasn’t a passenger aboard the maiden voyage of Apple’s iPhone, over the past three years I have become an avid iPhone user. I currently have an iPhone 7 because I admire the sleek design and high-quality camera along with the ease of use. But I abandon the Apple flagship when it comes to my laptop. Right now I have an HP Pavilion simply because it does what I need it to do, though I’m in the market for an upgrade.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: Seal. I really don’t know why, I just feel a connection with that animal. Either that or a jellyfish.

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