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Partnership between Etherparty and Capiche promises better Security Token Distribution


Canadian blockchain technology company Etherparty Smart Contracts,Inc.(“Etherparty”) is excited to announce a partnership with Capiche Capital Technologies Corporation (“Capiche”), an innovative legal tech provider of a web-based platform that simplifies the capital raising process while ensuring compliance.

Etherparty and Capiche will seek to develop an integrated solution for ensuring that securities issued through Etherparty’s Rocket platform are compliant with applicable securities laws.

Rocket, the first official software product of Etherparty, is the most user-friendly token crowdsale creator in the market. It allows users to launch and track their project without the need of a development team. The end-to-end solution, currently designed for utility token-based projects, will soon have the option to deploy security tokens in the next phase.

The Capiche platform streamlines and automates the capital raising process and ensures securities are distributed in compliance with applicable securities laws. Capiche quickly and efficiently generates all required documentation, coordinates interactions and guides users through the process. The partnership between Etherparty and Capiche will bring the power of Capiche to the security token market.

“Having a partner like Capiche allows us to more easily transition the traditional processes of setting up security offerings into blockchain for the security and auditability that it offers.” says Kevin Hobbs, CEO of the Vanbex Group, parent company of Etherparty.

Comet (version 2.0 of Rocket) is currently in development, and will be the most advanced STO creator. Upon its release, Comet will integrate with the Capiche platform to make security token distribution easier, better, faster and more cost effective.

“In launching security tokens, the biggest hurdle and cost for our clients is regulatory compliance. We couldn’t be more excited for this partnership as there is nothing in the security token market that compares.” says Blair Hogg, VP and General Counsel of Vanbex.

Etherparty is a blockchain platform working to enable a connected and inclusive world by building easy-to-use, versatile and intuitive smart contract solutions. The crowdfunding application, Rocket, is the first product in a line of blockchain solutions to be deployed by the Vancouver, B.C.-based technology company. Visit: etherparty.com and rocket.etherparty.com.

Capiche is a leading provider of legal tech and fintech solutions. The Capiche platform facilitates access to capital and investment opportunities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible while ensuring compliance. As securities laws become increasingly complex and capital markets continue to evolve, Capiche is at the forefront of providing technology for efficient and effective compliance. Visit: capiche.io.

SOURCE Etherparty

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