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Ravencoin the Rookie Soars in Price


This morning the top ten coins are saturated in red ink except for Tether, which has finally clawed its way back up to USD dollar. Market projections for most major coins are still unstable and unknown as we enter the week. But if you take the time to look past the top 10 coins, or even the top 20, you’ll see that some rookie coins are experiencing a surge in value. The most noticeable is Ravencoin (RVN).

Ravencoin has experienced a 56% increase in trade volume in the past 24 hours and a seven-day volume price increase nearing 61,929%. The recent increases in volume and price have been a result of Ravencoin’s recent listing on Binance. Since being listed on Binance, Ravencoin has seen a pump of over 250%. Ravencoins market cap has nearly tripled over the week going from 46 million to 115 million USD in value.

At time of writing Ravencoin, stands at a value of $0.0577 ranking it 58th overall when it was ranked in the 100’s just a few days ago. With the spike in Ravencoin’s value beginning, it’s only a matter of time until Ravencoin experiences a massive bull run.

What is Ravencoin?

The inspiration behind the name Ravencoin comes from the well-known novel and tv series, Game of Thrones. In GoT, Ravens are responsible for delivering messages that contained reliable truths and news, something that is hard to find in the GoT series. Truths and news have also become a rare commodity in the cryptocurrency world. Ravencoin is trying to change that.

Ravencoin was designed to be open-source currency where users have the ability to claim and possess their assets. Originating from a fork in the Bitcoin default code that assists in the transfer of digital assets. Designed to be an alternative to Bitcoin’s transfer network and Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens. The Ravencoin network prides itself on its transparent decentralized network and its high security standards.

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