Securitize? Who’s investing and Why.


$12.75 million has been raised in Series A funding for the start-up blockchain security service company, Securitize.

Lead investor is Blockchain capital and other investing partners include Japan’s Global Brain, Ripple’s Xpring fund and Coinbase’s VC arm – Coinbase Ventures. The money raised was raised at majority in fiat currency, with a small amount of tokens. Securitize stated that they intend to convert the tokens into stablecoins of fiat for safe keeping.

What is Securitize?

Securitize aim to offer services that allow companies to convert their shares and release them as Digital Security Offerings (DSO’s). The beauty of DSO’s is that they will be specifically securities and will avoid the harassment from the SEC that many other cryptos are currently enduring.

By tokening company shares it will increase transparency, liquidity and the ease and efficiency of trading shares. Securitize itself does not plan on engaging in any trading which explains the number of exchange investors.

Securitize will be offering tokenization services such as regulatory management, services for investors, smart contacts, development of the DSO and the launch of DSO’s into market.

Securitize CEO and founder Carlos Domingo, previously co-founded the tokenized VC firm, Spice. Domingo’s reasoning behind founding Securitize is to disrupt the estimated $7 billion a year, US securities industry.

“The opportunity is not just to work with blockchain companies,” Domingo explains. “These are first movers, but the big opportunity is in digitizing private and public shares.”

Decentralization is coming to all.

It’s clear that Securitize is just another installation and example of how blockchain is changing the way the world works. Blockchain which just began as a time stamping application for crypto, has since evolved into the framework of the future.

From changing the way Walmart tracks food, to the ways healthcare will be changed, the addition of the changing of company securities is just another demonstration of the decentralized revolution.

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