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SteemIt Recieves Harsh Backlash after Violating A ‘Core Value’

Steemit is a social platform that was created on the premise of offering users an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Most major social media platforms have it integrated into their privacy policy that they have the right to censor the content and delete anything or anyone that doesn’t align with their ideals.

An example of this is Facebook’s cryptocurrency ban where cryptocurrency advertisements and discussion is heavily moderated if not outright banned. Steemit was created to allow such things as Steemit operates on its own ‘Steem’ blockchain. Users of Steemit are incentivized to use the platform as monetary rewards are issued to users to contribute to the community.

However, recent events have brought to light that Steemit isn’t that different from Facebook afterall.

The Promise

The Steemits white paper described exactly what the platform was to be like. The platform was meant to have no one governing authority that could alter the blockchain or record making each individual responsible for their actions. The following is a quote from their whitepaper.

“Steem is a decentralized network that is operated by witnesses in jurisdictions around the world. All user actions are publicly recorded on the blockchain, and can be publicly verified. This means that there is no single entity that can censor content that is valued by STEEM holders.”

The white paper continues on to say,

“Freedom of speech is the foundation of all other liberties and any infringement upon freedom of speech undermines the only peaceful means of reaching consensus: discussion. Without free discussion voters cannot be fully informed, and uninformed voters are a greater threat to society than losing the right to vote. Censorship is a means of stealing votes through limiting public discourse. Steem is committed to enabling free speech and building a free society.”

But a recent controversial ban of a user has brought to light that Steemit does possess the power and right to alter their users accounts.

The Dark Overlord Ceases

An extremist online personality by the name of the ‘Dark Overlord’ across social media has recently seen all of their accounts deleted… including Steemit. What was thought to impossible and completely against the Steemit protocol turns out to be possible.

Hidden within the Steemit’s Terms of Service (TOS)  policy are a few articles that completely destroy the ‘censorless’ nature of Steemit.

Pt. 13 of their TOS, ‘Steemit deserves the right to suspend or delete any account without any prior notice if they find a breach of any term of the agreement. Point 14. Introduces restrictions on the user conduct and prevents users from engaging in any services prohibited by law.’

The above statement goes directly against what was proposed in their whitepaper and has been the cause of all the controversy.

Why Did the Dark Overlord Get Banned?

If your asking this question, you must simply not be well acquainted with the fellow and his posts. The Dark Overlord is well known for his threatening posts directed towards users, companies and other officials. The threats usually involve the Dark Overlord releasing sensitive documents or information that the receiving party does not want to be made public.

The Dark Overlords most recent threat included the release of sensitive 9/11 reports and documentation. In order for sensitive content to not be released, Bitcoin was demanded. Before the account was suspended a post was made with ‘sneak peek’ images of the documents and the nature of what they contained. The original message has since been deleted.

All of the Dark Overlords social accounts including Twitter and Reddit has since been suspended and the internet is in outrage. Centralization has since ruined the Dark Overlord and left insurance company documents secure.

Controversy continues to fill the Steemit Universe as many users have made the point that because of Steemits intervention they may now be legally responsible for everything on their platform. This leaves us with just another Facebook.

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