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Summit News! John McAfee for President

In an interview with CoinTelegraph during the Malta Blockchain Summit, John McAfee announced his intentions to use his 2020 presidential bid to promote cryptocurrencies.

McAfee, founder of the McAfee Associates software company, and all around crypto enthusiast, had originally announced his intentions to run for president in 2020 over Twitter in June. But, this isn’t McAfee’s first go around at running for president.

McAfee attempted to obtain the nomination for the Libertarian Party for the presidential election back in his 2016 run. His campaigns focus back then was mainly “lapses in cyber security” as he wasn’t as closely associated with the crypto community as he is now.\

McAfee will once again be running for the libertarian party nomination focusing his campaign around a “libertarian platform” with the ideas of “personal freedom” and “currency independence”. According to the interview, McAfee has no desire or intentions of winning the presidential election stating…


“I don’t want to be president. I couldn’t be…no one’s going to elect me president, please God. However, I’ve got the right to run.”

So why is McAfee running?

He’s running with the sole purpose of promoting cryptocurrency. McAfee wants to utilize the nation’s biggest stage “to talk about personal freedom and how cryptocurrency can help us achieve that.” McAfee is a crypto enthusiast and a strong believer in the decentralized future. He states that crypto “all I’m going to talk about”.

While McAfee believes in personal freedom, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he’s also a firm believer in a positive future for Bitcoin. During the interview, McAfee reiterated his belief that the world’s top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will hit a price of $1 million by the time of the 2020 US elections. Not only that, but McAfee went as far to clarify that $1 million in five years will not be the same $1 million it is today because “logically” fiat currencies will be “fleeing” into crypto markets adding…

“In five years time fiat will be on its last legs.”

McAfee is controversial & a businessman

Back in June on Twitter, McAfee announced that he had been threatened by the SEC and that he would have to stop promoting ICO’s on his account. McAfee also admitted to charging payments up to and over $100,000 just to promote a crypto token or product in a single tweet.

If you follow McAfee at all, you know he is a man that is constantly met with accusations over his beliefs and statements. Some have even called him down right insane. McAfee doesn’t want to win the election, but will he even be successful in the promotion of cryptocurrency? Is there any chance that McAfee will win or even get the libertarian party vote in the 2020 election?

Only time will tell.

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