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The Demise Of Google’s Prohibition in the US and Japan


Google’s newly released updated policy revises the prohibition they placed on cryptocurrency advertisements back in June 2018. According to the new policy update, advertisements can be purchased by certified Cryptocurrency organizations beginning in October 2018 when Google’s Financial Policy and Services is updated.

Applications for certification will become available globally in October when the policy is updated. Though the policy is global, advertisements will only be aired in the United States and Japan and companies will need to apply separately to advertise in each country. The idea behind needing to be certified is to lower a users potentiality of becoming a victim of fraud, which was a huge problem when ICO’s and wallets first became available according to CNBC.

ICO and wallet advertisements will still be banned on Google when the policy is updated, much like Facebook when they updated their policy in June. It is currently unknown when/if ICO advertising will be allowed, though it is clear that the beginning of the demise of ad ban has begun; the battle is far from over.

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