The Top Five Crypto Influencers on Twitter in 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I believe it’s important to reflect on the past 365 days and to take time to remember, reminisce, and learn from all that you have done in the past year. I’m sure you’ve made some mistakes, made some good memories, and maybe even taught someone something valuable during this past year.

If you’re reading this you’re probably involved with the cryptocurrency market in some way, be it for investing or just for fun. All of us in the crypto space are likely to follow at least one or two people on a social media.. One of the most popular social media platforms today is Twitter, and what people post in their feed can sometimes directly affect our outlook.

While some people follow hollywood celebrities or country singers on Twitter, some of us follow some of the biggest names in crypto. We follow the people who offer us knee-slapping crypto memes, market insights, and information regarding blockchain technology.

So enjoy this list of what CryptoChats considers the top five crypto Twitter influencers of 2018. The following list is based strictly on opinion and what we perceive their quality of content to be. CEO’s and coin ambassadors have been excluded from this list.

1. The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog)

Followers: 108k

The Crypto Dog is easily the all around best Twitter entertainer and advisor wrapped all up into one Twitter feed. The Crypto Dog is a full time cryptocurrency trader who posts up to the minute insights and analytics so your always trading on the same page as him. He also brings us humours memes, polls, videos and recently just started his own vlog series called ‘The Crypto Dog Talks to People’.

2. Crypto Cobain (@CryptoCobain)

Followers: 150k

Crypto Cobain describes himself as a ‘Crypto trader turned internet joke factory.’ While his page still features useless market insights, its mainly home to a knee slapping plethora of cryptocurrency related memes and polls. Occasionally you’ll find some very useful information, but Cobain offers a much needed sense of humor to the crypto space.


3.Jake (@koreanjewcrypto)

Followers: 76k

Jake’s Twitter feed boasts colorful memes, personal stories, and of course always insightful market insights. Not only will you be entertained by Jake’s feed but you will gain vital information on one of the world’s largest crypto markets. Jake also has his own crypto ‘dojo’ online course where he teaches users how to become crypto masters.

4. Crypto Rand (@Crypto_Rand)

Followers: 209k

Crypto Rand is your man for market insights. You’ll notice immediately that the majority of his tweets contain market graphs and analyses, because that’s what he is, an analyst. On top of that Rand is also and investor, trader and blockchain advisor. His feed is purely insightful and provides useful knowledge for all traders.

5. Ian Balina (@DiaryofaMadeMan)

Followers: 148k

Ian Balina is a cryptocurrency investor, advisor, evangelist and author. This insights and work are often times featured in Forbes and CNBC. Ian spends the majority of his time traveling around the world delivering speeches and attending cryptocurrency and blockchain events. His tweets usually address current market issues, news, and resistance levels.

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