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Digitally reinvent your business to exceed customer #banking expectations, drive new revenue opportunities and adopt fearless experimentation in your corporate culture.

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If you’re not holding a f*ckton of Tezos, what are you even doing in crypto, bro?

Full video explanation of why cycle lows make $MFT attractive.

Nice +25% jump. Thank you @loomdart for reminding me. Peep the video if you're curious why Sept 12 support is so important for alts.

Full video explanation of why cycle lows make $MFT attractive. 

Nice +25% jump. Thank you @loomdart for reminding me. Peep the video if you're curious why Sept 12 support is so important for alts.
Luke Martin@VentureCoinist

@loomdart @inversebrah hey @loomdart - here's how I viewed it yesterday. one of the rare cycle low setups still valid imo.

curious to hear inversebrahwassiethatlikestomoveslow's thoughts...

“If you have any fiat money, just throw it in the garbage, start tearing it up." @AdminKlein gets really, really real with @maxkeiser.

I don’t see how #Bitcoin and $SPX aren’t correlated

They have the same target of sub 2k

Should @maxkeiser (creator of, the first patented, commercial Prediction Market, collaborate with @brockpierce to create a $10B entertainment startup?

BREAKING: An off-duty pilot who happened to be riding in the cockpit saved a diving Boeing 737 Max 8. The next day, the same Lion Air jet crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 189 aboard

BEST, the company behind @flubitweet (the world's largest $crypto-accepting online retailer) and @MonetaryUnit $MUE, is selling equity to raise operating funds. Almost 10% of purchases on Flubit are made in $crypto. I'm the Finance lead for $MUE.
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Here's my best guess on the near future:

We'll see one more leg up on $BTC followed by ugly retracement to ~3500.

$TRX to 500 sats
$XRP to 7000 sats

Buy the dip 👉 have another go at 4-4.5k resistance on BTC, then push through to 5. Pump through April, distribute May.

Whenever you are offered something for nothing remember that mice die in traps because they don't understand why the cheese is free.

Weather Patterns Gone Crazy: Nebraska Flooding Breaks 17 Records, Farmers Absolutely Devastated

"Only the Russians use sock puppets and bots to spread propaganda online"

Googles "Operation Earnest Voice."


Getting reports that New Zealand ISPs have banned until it is “censorship compliant,” despite the fact that Dissenter was in no way involved with this week’s tragic events in NZ.

@getongab Wow - and just like that.. ZEROHEDGE is also BANNED! I am the guy who said that Dissenter is down for me here in New Zealand. I am on Vodafone for an ISP.

Schnorr!! Schnorr!! Schnorr!!

A Tale of Two Forks

Exclusive: The FBI Had Already Accessed Family Tree DNA’s Database Before Cooperation

Great chart shows the big picture history of energy consumption over the last 150 years. Source:

now i got it
@_Kevin_Pham are you working for maduro(the venezuelan moron)?
i say that becouse is the only explanation posible with this twt
btw i realy think this $btcsv is realy bad for the supporter helth
if not just see how you change how the satoshi and pedofilian change

Oh hell yeah, thats my jam. Run it just like you said. copy result address & keys to keepass file.
google vanitygen, samr7's lifeboat, or newer vanitygen plus.
not for the faint of heart, different codebases different base58 spots.

With a valuation over $2 bn @Binance is already the fastest profitable startup to achieve the unicorn status (private company with $1bn+ valuation) in history.

#Bitcoin #Blockchain #CryptoCurrencies

I think we get one more leg up before a serious reset, but golly this weekly is sobering.

Ben Shapiro was on Fox tonight complaining about "grievance culture" as if he hadn't spent the past month airing his whiny, entitled, bogus grievances about "anti-semitism" and claiming special victim status. He's the leading personification of this "culture" he claims to deplore

Mining is so 2018

IEO/Binance Launchpad Farming is the new meta in 2019

1. Get the best internet connection
2. Hire 100-200 people
3. Train them on captcha's
4. KYC and load up all accounts
5. Get in and dump on launch
6. Repeat

Brenton Tarrant did not rant or spew 'hate' speech on the Internet. He had almost no social media presence. And he was not radicalized by the Internet. He said in the manifesto he was radicalized by visiting France and seeing what is happening to that country via immigration.

Lol just stumbled across the ANN thread on bitcointalk for @decredproject

Of course @Mansa_Godson and @notsofast are some of the first comments you see

A friend has been unable to withdrawal funds for their business from @EinsteinXchange since January. I will update this tweet when they notify me their issue is resolved, but it's noted to be similar to 6 months before @QuadrigaCoinEx. closed cc @lopp @aantonop @APompliano

SV’s immense wealth & stagnant policies have turned the whole region into an effective infertility trap for exceptionally smart & well-educated people

h/t @LuxoCryptop
I'm sure 500+of my Twitter network is (over)qualified for this position. Question is, who's bear-rekt enough to go this darkside?

TIL $LTC LN channels currently exceed 1,000


look for an in-depth $LTC article coming tomorrow on @bravenewcoin

As time goes by, the picture gets better in terms of possibilities and predictions. I have a few models right now, but the one I'm giving a higher percentage of happening is this one. Price $4585 - Dates I'm looking at 4/3-4/5 $BTC @cryptosays

@ramzpaul Speaking of "hate", I hate the nasty evil hall monitors that are always tattling on others for saying things that they disagree with. The implication is that they are so perfect and wonderful that anything they disagree with must be categorized as "hate".

Continuing to get longer Platinum here. Really think a good trade is developing as well short Palladium long Platinum. Haven't put that one yet as I am also long Palladium. Platinum should be $1,200-1,300 easily IMHO. Good way to buy platinum is via @mene jewelry as well.

The glass frog is named for its transparent skin, so that you can see all its internal organs

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