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Who will Stop the North Korean Coin Thiefs?

North Korea.

This Asian country is constantly facing new sanctions being placed upon it, making the country “cashed strapped” and desperate for any money. So what’s exactly going on in North Korea? Well, no one knows of course.

What we do know thanks to South Korea’s Intelligence Service and a report by UPI, is that North Korean Hackers are still targeting foreign accounts to fund government expenditures. How are they doing this? Typically just by way of phishing, malware, social engineering and blackmail.

The US has reported findings of Malware installed, by what they believe to be North Korean hackers, on US Devices that mine Monero and then send it to Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang.

One of the major victims of their hackings is their closest neighbor of South Korea. Some South Korean investors have reported having their identity stolen, followed by faced blackmail threats to surrender all assets if the hackers were not capable of already stealing them. But the most common form of hacking from North Korea continues to remain malware that is designed to hijack a computer and mine Monero.

Monero has always been the crypto robbers go to token to steal, and its not looking like that’s going to change.

Who’s going to stop this?

No one knows if it can or will be stopped. The only thing we can do is increase and develop new security techniques to prevent hacks from happening.

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