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YouTube: ERROR 500



You use it, I use it, almost everyone uses it. In fact, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. Last night I found myself needing to watch a video on how to make french fries in a pan. But when i clicked on the video link, I was greeted with an error message I had never seen before: Error 500.



Around 9:20 PM EST on October 15th Youtube suffered a crash that caused widespread YouTuber panic. Reports of the error message came flooding in from users (including myself). Youtube turned to Twitter to alert users that they were aware of the error message.



People even began calling police stations to alert the authorities.


Around 10:30 PM EST Youtube was reported as being functional once again. Youtube once again Tweeted out at 11 PM EST stating that they were back online.




But what caused the crash in the first place? While you probably have seen an error 404 sit not found message before, this was the first time I had ever seen an error 500 message. An error 500 message means that the service is unavailable. This is typically caused by to much activity on a platform that causes the system to fail. But isn’t YouTube prepared for high traffic numbers? Why would this have happened on a random night of the year?

Some people are claiming that the YouTube failure was not an accident but on purpose. Why? No one’s sure yet YouTube has yet to make any statement as to what caused the system failure.

Check back later for more updates.

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